As most of you know, Governor Wolf has implemented severe restrictions on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania until January 4, 2021. The Meadows Casino, by government directive, will close on December 12 at 12:01AM. This has left the continuation of the racing schedule in serious jeopardy due to a seriously depleted purse account and the track’s ingrain expenses without casino revenues until at least January 4, 2021.
               The MSOA and The Meadows track management have met several times since the Governor’s announcement and with our mutual interests being considered the agreement is as follows:
  • Race the remaining scheduled dates with the exception of December 18, which will be dark.
  • 13 Races per card
  • Purses remain the same until December 21st when a 10% reduction will be implemented until we resume racing after the first of 2021.
The MSOA would like to extend our gratitude to Mark Loewe and Chris McErlean of Meadows Management for their workability during these difficult times.