We are finally able to start giving you updates on the 2020 fair season.

The schedule will be changing over the next few weeks so we will update you as we firm up each fair location’s schedule.

It was necessary to wait until the governor released the three PA pari-mutuel tracks before we requested approval for fair racing. We have been informed that the funding is in place to cover expenses related to racing at the fairs. Now we can move forward.

We are creating a new website. The address is pafairsracing.org.  Please be patient. It is a work in progress.

For the 2020 fair season, the PA Racing Commission has changed the required qualifying date. Horses must show a satisfactory charted line (no breaks) on the declared gait on or after FEB 1, 2020. Any horse with such a line will not have to requalify to start the 2020 fair season. A judge may still place a horse on a ‘fair judges’ list’ for unsatisfactory performance. In such a case, the horse would have to requalify at a pari-mutuel track following the specified number of days.

Over the next days, we will be talking to each fair to attempt to reschedule their race dates to acceptable dates for everyone. We will post each fair’s details on the website as we receive them. Because of the fluidity of the 2020 schedule, there will be no printed version of the 2020 Fair Guide. We will be compiling a digital version to share. Links to the guide will be posted on our website as well as other related organization’s site when available.

We will be providing one central COVID-19 safety protocol to each fair that will be conducting harness racing. Any horseperson wanting to participate in fair racing will be required to sign a waiver like those being signed at the pari-mutuel tracks. In order to be able to ensure fairs that we have liability insurance coverage for these events, ALL owners, drivers and trainers of horses racing at the PA fairs MUST belong to the MSOA, PHHA and PFHHA.  This provides coverage under the Harness Horseman International policy that is included with membership to those organizations.

Although we do not have any dates yet, we don’t anticipate that any racing will start until after July 4.  We will be posting the conditions section of the 2020 Digital Fair Guide as soon as possible. Stay tuned.