The State Horse Racing Commission’s Bureau of Standardbred Horse Racing today reminded Standardbred horse owners that 2019 Sire Stakes second payments for 2-year-old and 3-year-old horses are due by May 15.

Second payments due for 2-year-old horses are $400 for the Pari-mutuel Division and $75 for the Fair Division. This 2-year-old second payment must be made for the horse to be eligible to race as a 2-year-old in the Pennsylvania Sire Stakes races.

The final 3-year-old $150 Fair Division payment must be paid for the horse to race at the fairs.

Yearling nomination fees are $10 for Fairs and $50 for Pari-mutuel, and due May 15, 2019. 2-year-old first Fair Division sustaining fees are $50 (which was due March 15, 2019) and $75, due May 15. The 3-year-old Final Fair payment is $150, due May 15.

The Sire Stakes Sustaining Payment forms are available at Search “sire stakes.” Individuals can also contact Ryan Kell at or 717.214.9053 to obtain payment forms.

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