The MSOA advises its trainers, drivers and grooms that three sessions have been scheduled in February to enroll grooms and first-time eligible drivers and trainers, as well as answer questions regarding retirement.

The sessions, which will take place at the MSOA office, will be:
Wednesday, February 6 – 11AM to 2PM
Thursday, February 14 – 11AM to 2PM
Friday, February 15 – 11AM to 2PM

Requirements (for grooms only) are:
1) Sign-up or renew every year
2) MSOA Associate Membership ($5.00)
3) Groom’s License and
4) 2018 W-2 and/or 1099 Forms from eligible trainers

Retirement requirements must be completed by February 15.

For additional information, stop by the MSOA Office or call 724-228-3644.