The Meadows Standardbred Owners Association (MSOA) is raffling off a Pennsbury jog cart and a UFO race bike to benefit drivers Chris Shaw and James Dodson, who were injured in a race mishap Tuesday at The Meadows.


Tickets are $10, with the drawing set for Saturday, Oct. 16. For more information or to purchase tickets, please call Dawnelle Mock, 724.470.8303, or Missy Rothfuss, 724.263.1991.


According to a Facebook post by Shaw’s wife, Ashley Brown, he suffered multiple fractures, a broken nose and carotid artery trauma. Brown, a registered nurse as well as a Meadows-based trainer, wrote that Shaw has complete use of all extremities and is neurologically “sharp as a tack.” He remained hospitalized Wednesday.


Dodson was on his feet seconds after the accident, but tests at a local hospital revealed a broken collarbone.


“I had an adrenaline rush but felt pain back in the paddock,” Dodson said. “I guess I didn’t bounce well off the track.”


He said he’ll meet with a physician to determine a course of treatment and timetable for his return.


The mishap occurred in the third race when Susy Finn, piloted by Dodson, took a bad step entering the final turn and fell to the track. Willie The Filly, with Shaw aboard, could not avoid the fallen horse and also fell, flipping Shaw from the bike.


Dodson reported that Susy Finn is scraped but otherwise okay.


When Willie The Filly was loose on the track, she was caught by Rothfuss, the track’s outrider and parade marshal.  By an almost unbelievable coincidence, her husband,  Jim Rothfuss, owns the filly.  She said that was the first time she’d been called upon to catch one of her own stable’s horses after an accident.


“When I got closer to her, I saw the orange and blue shadow roll and knew she was ours,” she said. “I’m very robotic when that stuff happens. I can shut out my emotions and not freak out.”


She indicated the filly required stitches in three places but will be fine.


The MSOA would like to thank Scott Betts, Tim Betts, Nick Catalano, Kahrig Racing Stable, Andy Rickert and Silverstone Decorative Concrete for donating the jog cart and race bike.