From the Pennsylvania State Racing Commission:

A Trainer wishing to race a horse upon the grounds of an Association regulated by the Pennsylvania State Racing Commission in accordance with the recently adopted ARCI guidelines for the use of Penicillin G Procaine must so declare on the applicable form. This form must be signed by the horse’s Veterinarian or Trainer and submitted to the Racing Commission or to the State Vet no later than one half (1/2) hour before the post time of the race in which the horse is entered.

No horse shall receive any treatments of Procaine G Penicillin after the horse is entered to race. At the time of entry, the trainer shall notify the race office or the Commission staff that the horse has been treated with Procaine/Penicillin.

As a reminder horses treated with Procaine/Penicillin within Four (4) weeks prior to racing are strongly encouraged to report the administration to avoid a penalty being issued due to the possible findings of Procaine during the testing process.

CLICK HERE for the form.