This is the second in a series of Question & Answer sessions with Meadows horsemen.


Brian Zendt

Brian Zendt

Q: Many people think of you as a closer, someone who likes to race from the back. Do you agree with that?

A: You know, I don’t necessarily like to race that way, but it seems like that’s the way of  a lot of the horses I get put on, and maybe the way I was taught how to drive. People think you race that way, but oftentimes it’s the way the horses you get put on to drive are. I just don’t get a lot of frontrunners.


Q: What is the key to timing a move and getting a horse to respond late in the mile?

A: I wish I knew. You just have to go with what feels right. You can look at a program all you want, but until you get out there, you never know how the race is gonna go. You just have to go by feel.

Q: Cammikey has been a great horse for you over the past couple of seasons. Where does he rank among the best horses you’ve ever driven?

A: As far as pacers go, he’s probably the best pacer I’ve ever driven. And that’s no knock to his mother. Always Cam was a good mare too. They’re both owned by Wendy Cameron, but he’s probably the fastest pacer I’ve ever driven.

Q: You drive a lot of young horses, especially for your dad’s stable. Do you enjoy the challenge of the colts?

A: Yeah, you know it takes a lot of patience, and some days in this business you don’t have it, but with the young horses you have to have a lot of patience. But it is enjoyable to see them come along and do well.

Q: You train a small stable and own a few yourself. What is the best part of having a small stable?

A: You know, it’s rewarding to see your own horses that you worked on all week go out and do well. Maybe a little bit moreso than just a regular catch drive of the week or something, but it’s just as aggravating when you work on them all week and they go out and do bad. But it is fun. I work with my wife every day.