Due to the late passage of the Pennsylvania state budget, the purse pool at the Meadows is taking a drastic hit because the annual funds taken by the Commonwealth are being withdrawn in a very condensed time frame. In previous years, the Racehorse Development Fund paid these funds over 22 weeks between July 1st (beginning of the state fiscal year) and approximately December 22nd.

This year, due to the delay in the passing of the 2015-2016 budget, causing the new beginning date of May 5th, the payback is spread over only 8 weeks (to be concluded by the end of the State fiscal year) instead of 22 weeks as in the past.

Therefore, the purses will be reduced by 10% beginning May 22nd. The MSOA regrets having to take such a measure, but it is imperative to take immediate action to avoid a non-scheduled break in the racing schedule.