The Meadows Standardbred Owners Association and The Meadows has announced its support for the fund set up by the Central Ontario Standarbred Association to help the victims of the Classy Lane Training Center fire..  

Horsemen gathered in the paddock prior to the races on Monday, January 11 for a moment of silence in honor of the horses that lost their lives and in support of the horsemen affected by the fire this past week.  

A total of 43 horses from six different stables perished.  All six trainers also lost all of their racing equipment. 

The MSOA and the track will be working together to make a donation to the fund set up by the Central Ontario Standardbred Association to assist those left in need by the tragedy.  Additional details on the donation will be released soon.   

“This is every horse owner and trainer’s worst nightmare,” said Rich Gillock, MSOA President. “We hope that our horsemen will be generous in this time of need for our friends in Canada and visit the GoFundMe page.  We would also like to thank The Meadows for working with us to assist these horsemen in need.”

To visit the COSA page, click here: