The Meadows Standardbred Owners Association (MSOA) has awarded nearly $20,000 in scholarships to 10 children of MSOA members through the MSOA Collegiate Scholarships Program.

Scholarship winners, along with the names of each winner’s parent or parents, are:


·      Brandon Myers (Charlie Myers) — $4,000

·      Elizabeth Williams (Richard Williams) — $4,000

·      Ty Goodell (Eric Goodell) — $3,000

·      Lauren Wilder (Heather and Mike Wilder) — $3,000

·      Scarlett Wilder (Heather and Mike Wilder) — $1,250

·      Alexis Zendt (Dawn and Brian Zendt) — $1,250

·      Nathan Bush (Kim and Steve Bush) — $850

·      Kylie Cass-Housley (John Sullivan) — $850

·      Brooke Schoeffel (Steve Schoeffel) — $850

·      Emily Williams (Richard Williams) — $850


Applications were reviewed and judged by an independent committee at the Harness Horse Youth Foundation.


The MSOA congratulates all the winners and their families and again thanks our sponsors for their generous support. Sponsors include: MSOA; Burke Racing Stable; Hanover Shoe Farms-Andover Hall; CSC Insurance Options; Winbak Farms-Bolt The Duer; The Meadows; Diamond Creek Farm.