The Pacing For The Cure Presidential Award was recently presented to Mike Wilder, who was representing a group of Meadows horsemen, at a banquet in Harrisburg.

Wilder, along with Dan Rawlings, Norm Parker, and Aaron Merriman all donate a $1 per win to the cause.   Each wears a Pacing For The Cure patch on their racing colors to signify that they take part in the Challenge.

Pacing For The Cure is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help those living with Multiple Sclerosis obtain financial assistance for medical equipment and services to manage this debilitating disease of the central nervous system as well as fund cutting edge MS research.

Jeff and Janine Gesek, pictured with Wilder, co-founded Pacing For The Cure in the Spring of 2016 and the idea to start a nonprofit was spurred by an encounter with a yearling pacer named Mr Bill G.