Dear Fellow Horsemen:

With the 2012 election coming soon, it is time again for horsemen to support the legislative leaders that have supported us. Many MSOA members contributed generously earlier this year and we greatly appreciate their contribution. But, many more did not.

This 2012 election is vital to our interests. The MSOA and the PA Equine Coalition defeated a $72,000,000 proposed budget cut to the Race Horse Development Fund (RHDF), during the last legislative session with the help of many legislators including Senator Tim Solobay, Representative Brandon Neuman, House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, House Whip Stan Saylor, Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and many other legislators.

Now, these elected officials need our help in getting themselves and their supportive colleagues elected. Our lobbyists, Rob Vescio and Paula Vitz determine which legislators have been supportive of horsemen’s issues in the past and have pledged to support us.

At stake in the upcoming sessions is the 17% per year ($46,000,000) budget adjustment that was part of the Table Games Act four years ago. The bill sunsets this coming year after 4 years and will have to be voted on to continue. The MSOA and the PA Equine Coalition are already working with our lobbyists and supportive legislators to make this 4 year 17% hit come back to our purses and sire stakes. We also monitor and try to defeat any other proposals that would negatively affect the RHDF.

A common fallacy is that these PAC Fund contributions go to the elected official. The truth is that the contributions go to their campaign funds. There are strict federal and state regulations that the MSOA and the elected officials must adhere to, including regular reporting of contributions and disbursements of PAC Funds.

Campaign funds are the life blood for elected officials and annual participation by interest groups are essential to maintain a presence in the legislative bodies. The horse racing industry is a heavily state regulated business and we must continue to work aggressively to maintain our presence in Harrisburg.

If you need further information regarding the PAC fund process, please call Kim Hankins at 724-228-3644.

Please dig deep to help the MSOA continue our legislative efforts.

Personal Checks only. Corporations are excluded from contributing.

Make contributions soon to:
PO Box 253
Meadow Lands, PA 15347

Rich Gillock
MSOA President