The MSOA email sent yesterday did not work due to technical issues. Please fill out and submit the attached survey. You do not have to live in Pennsylvania to fill out this survey.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Pennsylvania’s horse breeding and racing industry has not had an in-depth economic impact study since 2003. The State Horse Racing Commission has partnered with Delaware Valley University to conduct an economic impact study to analyze the current status of the industry. By collecting data from the state’s Standardbred and Thoroughbred stakeholders regarding their individual contributions, the Commission hopes to bring attention to how the equine breeding and horse racing industry directly effects and contributes to the economy of Pennsylvania.

Taking the time to complete this survey will help the industry to identify how equine breeding and racing can partner together to positively impact the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It will also assist in showing what an integral role this industry plays in the state’s economy. Please take the time to complete the survey so that the horse breeding and racing industry can better partner together to generate even more revenue. Without your input, we cannot accurately demonstrate what an integral role these industries are playing in Pennsylvania’s economy.